Re: Admin - Changes to attachments.

Brad Peadon PRHS <alcogoodwin@...>

Hello Roderick,


What a poor choice.>>>

  I presume by now you are aware that we are trying both choices.

People must have a Yahoo account, or they can't even send a message without attachments.>>>

What of people who sign up using the email subscription option via, say for an example, an Optusnet server email address.

  We usually run the security checks on that type of application, but if they check out genuine we happily let them on board. 
  I am unsure how they have got an account automatically through that process, unless it is based on their email address and not a username.

  These people have occasionally complained about not being able to view the Yahoogroup archives, but never that they could not post. The only hassle is that they occasionally ask me to set them to Daily Digest while on holidays and back to normal on return due to not being able to access.

The one problem, which is soluble: there is no search function in the attachments folder (but there isn't one in the photos folder). It falls to the poster to ensure that all key search terms are included in the body of the message to which it is attached. Months/years later, people can search on a term in the messages section of yahoo, the messages will appear, and will still have the clickable links to the relevant photo(s).>>>>

  Until the 100mb is reached, which would well and truly have been achieved with the 17000 photos on the other group. 
  Weeks yes, months yes, year maybe, years, well that depends on how many are loaded.


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