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But a very limited one.
I just had a look at the archive section (a nice shot BTW Frank) and we are limited to 100mb.
Beyond this I would assume it would start deleting the oldest ones to make room for the newer. Either that or just stop loading them up at all.


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That setting is the best one to use, because it allows those who only get
the daily digest, to view any attached photos, on the other setting they
would have no way to see attached photos, plus all the while you are adding
to a good achieve.
Qld. Aust.
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Hello all,

OK so here is a test with new setting.

It is the McIvor Tramway in Victoria, and one of my PhotoShop experiments.



On 13/04/2012 2:34 PM, Brian wrote:

As far as I know in order to be a member of any Yahoo group you have
to have
a Yahoo ID, you don't have to have any "account".
Qld. Aust.
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What a poor choice.
People must have a Yahoo account, or they can't even send a message
without attachments.
The option 'attachments not on site' requires direct email, and
mailboxes. Everybody has to receive everything.
Of my 35 groups, only two others run with that option:
* TramsDownUnder, which has a privately-run archive giving the same
benefits. It is a high-traffic site, and I don't have to get individual
emails: I read the posts and view the photos at the private archive.
* eurotrams, which is totally out of contol. To avoid ruining my main
mailbox with its higher traffic and oversize photos, I have the
direct the
email to my holiday account rather than my main one, but that
account is
unbelievably cumbersome for retrieving anything. I now have 17 000
unviewed photos sitting in it. They may as well never have been
sent, and
that is just of true of the new enthusiastic wave from this group: I
never see them.

The attachments stored on site provide a clickable thumbail on all
and all messages viewed at the website.
This provides maximum convenience, combined with minimum bandwidth
People dowload/view what they want, ansd are not forced into an all or
none approach. This approach has revitalised those groups which had
banned it hitherto. Old members are sharing their collections, and
are commenting on the aspects revealed, and younger members are
while the old ones are still around.

The one problem, which is soluble: there is no search function in the
attachments folder (but there isn't one in the photos folder). It falls
to the poster to ensure that all key search terms are included in
the body
of the message to which it is attached. Months/years later, people can
search on a term in the messages section of yahoo, the messages will
appear, and will still have the clickable links to the relevant

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Store On Site - Remove from emails.
Send In Emails - Not Store On Site.
I have taken the latter option because not everyone has a Yahoo
account to
access the archives.


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