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Frank,          I shall set about making the change now.  Give it a trial and see what you guys think.

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Hello Brad,

Thanks very much for coming in on this discussion.

So far nobody in the group has suggested a good reason why we should

continue to ban attachments.

Since you have had ten years of experience of groups which allow

attachments and have not had any problems with them, I would suggest you

now allow attachments on the LRRSA group.



On 13/04/2012 9:35 AM, moretonshay wrote:

Hi everyone,
Firstly, in answer to Frank's enquiry, yes they can be reset.
I have numerous groups, some which allow attachments and some that
don't. In the ones that do, I have never had a problem in the over 10
years I have been doing it.
When setting up this LRRSA group I followed the wishes of the LRRSA in
all things initially said and done. If they feel than the changes to
the way Yahoogroups operates makes attachments a worthwhile option, I
shall be able to make the change swiftly.
Certainly, at least on my Philippine Railways group, the addition of
attachments has been a great thing for many years.
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Frank Stamford <frank.stamford@...> wrote:
Hello all,
Its probably my fault that attachments are not allowed. When this Yahoo
group was set up six years ago I suggested attachments should be turned
off as the conventional wisdom at the time was that they were
potentially dangerous, and most other groups at the time had them
off. At that time it seemed a sensible precaution.
Since then Yahoo Groups seems to have tightened their controls on
attachments, and I cannot see any reason why we should still not
allow them.
However whether that setting can be changed retrospectively I do not
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Subject: [LRRSA] Attachments - Re: Tramway at Summer Day Valley
quarry? -
Grampians, VIC
We have 'attachments' turned off on this group in an attempt to
computer from nasty stuff that may be embedded in attached files.
That's a good reason, with a plus that nobody is able to post in
Rich Text.
If anyone's now worried about their other groups, these days Yahoo
permit a very narrow range of attachment types, none of which can
malice without an extraordinary amount of skill. In other words
members can't hurt your computer sending ordinary material.
David 1/2d
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