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On 11/04/2012 12:48 PM, Alf wrote:
> Received my copy yesterday& it looks like a very good read. Can
anyone confirm or not if the 13 class that was used in the tour train
was one of those which was based at Goulburn& kept as a spare for
Yass Town working or was it one of the Vintage train locos.
did the Vintage Train locos even exist as such in 1962? Various 13
class, eg 1301, 1307, 1308, 1311 were probably still in regular service

The story of the NSWR's Vintage Train is told in its entirety in the
October 1975 issue of the ARHS Bulletin. The first operation of
"The Vintage Train" was on 1/10/1960 to Dunedoo with locomotive 1210
hauling the 1891 State Car AC1 and passenger car HX2.

At the time of the excursion to Captain's Flat, 1301 had been based
at Goulburn as one of two of the class allocated there for working
the Yass Tramway. At the time, it was the oldest locomotive still
in general service on the System. It was utilised to haul the side
excursion from Bungendore to Captain's Flat, with the HX and a CBC,
while 1210 & 1243 proceeded with the remainder of the train to
Queanbeyan for servicing - it was the occasion of the delivery of
1210 to the National Capital Development Commission for static
preservation at Canberra. 1301 was turned on the turntable at
Captain's Flat and on the return to Bungendore, the whole train was
turned via the triangle that had been installed for the turning of
Beyer Garratt locomotives.

With 1210 left at Canberra, 1301 returned to Sydney doubling with
1243. 1301 then became a "full time" Vintage Train locomotive,
particularly for use on suburban runs - one such trip being to
Hurstville with 2-4-0 1033, which "strangely" was extended to
Thirroul as a fan tour once the official duties had been completed at

After the cessation of the Vintage Train, 1301 continued for a period
as an operational locomotive with the fledgling NSW Rail Transport
Museum - and was the loco used to officially open the Museum at
Enfield in, I think, October 1972.

Regretfully, 1301 is no longer operational.


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