Re: Questions - Innisfail Brakevans

John Dennis

The drawings in "The Innisfail Tramway" show the van to have basic
dimensions of 7' length, 6' width (both measured over the body) and 9' high
above rail to to of roof (ignoring the gas light thing. The drawing shows
the door on the left, and a photo on the opposite page shows the door to
the right, which indicates the doors were at the same end - that means the
body sides are "handed".

So, the van is higher than it is long, and longer than it is wide. If the
model is designed for On30 then there would probably need to be an
adjustment in the width to cater for the wider gauge, but I suspect that
such a change might compromise the unique style of the little van.


On 28 March 2012 12:16, moretonshay <alcogoodwin@...> wrote:


Hi guys,
This morning I was sent some photos of a new model of an Innisfail
brakevan along with a few questions.

While I was able to help with the Moreton bins (also visible), I know
nothing of the Innisfail brake vans.

His questions were:

1) Looking at the models, are they the right height compared to a sugar
I would have thought them a bit higher, but again, I am not familiar with

2) Did they have doors on both sides and, if so, at the same or opposite

I don't think these are the final wheels. These just being used in the
trial stage.

Any help much appreciated. Are there any photos of same on the net?


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