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Phil Rickard <chy_gwel_an_meneth@...>


Being a total novice to any sort of online group, can I just re-cap
here? Are there two ways of putting photos on the group site?

One in the Photos tab and one by attaching them to a posting?

If the attachment option is a security risk, can I take it that the
Photo section is safe/safer?

thanks Phil

--- In, Frank Stamford <frank.stamford@b...>


I don't think attachments should be allowed to emails to this group.

I think there is a security risk with this relating to viruses etc.

Most groups I belong to don't allow it, and I am reluctant to join
that do.



At 09:12 AM 21/08/2006, you wrote:
Morning all,
Just wanting members views on whether or
not photographic attachments should be accepted on
group posts or whether it be limited to the
files/photos sections?
We are able to permit them so photos can be posted
occasionally for discussion.
Otherwise they can be placed into the other sections
where members who actually have a Yahoo account can
view them.

Interested in your thoughts. THe group is currently
set up with the default setting of allowing them.


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