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We also looked at a Senital Steam Railcar in Sri
Lanka at about the same time, but were also told "no thanks".
On an assignment in Sri Lanka (in February 1987) I had the honour of an
individual tour of the Dematagoda railway workshops in Colombo, for which
4-6-0 B2.213 was in steam and provided runs up and down the yard. The man
incharge of the steam loco restoration programme, ADA Abeysuriya, was my
guide and his passion for steam made for a wonderful day.

At this time the narrow gauge Sentinal railcar No. 331 had been renovated
and had made a trial run up to Homagama, but awaited approval for further
restoration work. Four narrow gauge Beyer Peacock J1/J2-class 4-6-4T locos
were still in service, but the remainder of the fleet was stored in the
workshops. I was advised that representatives of the Puffing Billy Railway
had inspected the locos with a view to purchasing some, but no further
response had been received. I documented a full list of the narrow gauge
loco fleet at that time.

Thus, the PBR would have been told 'no thanks' re the Sentinal as the locals
had plans for this. Whether anything more formal occurred re the J-class
locos might be explored further.

Four the record, I took a trip on the narrow gauge line from Colombo station
on a tain hauled by 4-6-4T J1.220 as far as Nugegoda, where a cross was made
with a Colombo-bound train hauled by Krupp 2-8-2DH NI.564, so I took this
train back.

Bob McKillop

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