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And the final point. With a 17 car train those at the guard's end
hardly ever see the locomotive. Bigger may be impressive, but it is
not always better.

Spot on, Bill,

I remember in the sixties, even from the back of a long train you
could see the engine occasionally, and a highlight (for us kids) was
to see the whole train at the trestle bridge and the Landslide.

For God's sake, when is someone going to get in there with a chainsaw
and clear the whole lot! One looses the panorama and drama of the
Landslide if you can't see the front of the train from the back.
(imagine going around Batasia Loop on the Darjeeling and not being
able to see that it was a loop - see photo page 31, LR190)

Ditto above at several other spots on Puffing Billy - the jungle is
just getting out of hand. On re-opening day at Lakeside (1975) the
trains were clearly in view on the hillside, when viewed from the
station. You'd need a regiment of tree fellers with a spare week to
have any chance today.

These were some of the key highlights for kids and they have been lost
to the current generation. Don't get me wrong - I don't want the
lineside turned into a desert - I'd just like to see it like it was in
the thirties to sixties. In the really early years it was a bare
landscape in places - now it's the exact opposite.

cheers Phil

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