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Bill Russell

G'day All,

I cannot speak for Puffing Billy, but I think what I say reflects the
gereral informed attitude.

Most second hand steam locos available OS are not near what we
would call operable condition. If we acquired them we would expect them to
earn their keep. Add to this that while any particular locomotive may be
exotic, interesting, a one-off etc. I think Puff would rather design and build a
new locomotive. If based on a known design there should not be too many
teething problems.

The Shay locomotive we acquired was "going" when we were given
it. Lon Wymond (ex PBPS Presedint) saw it operating. When we rebiuld it
there will probably be no old parts on it.


Bill Russell.

On 22 Nov 2006 at 5:08, Michael J wrote:

--- In, "Bill Russell" <bill.russell@...> wrote:

We did make informal approaches to Sierra Leone about 20 years
ago and were politely but firmly told to go away. I don't know if
we looked
at the ones in Nepal. We also looked at a Senital Steam Railcar in Sri
Lanka at about the same time, but were also told "no thanks".
What a shame about Sierra Leone, and for that matter Sri Lanka. Funny
how some authorities are happy to sell stuff for scrap, but not for
preservation. I understand similar problems are encountered by people
trying to approach the Indians about narrow gauge equipment.

By a miricle one of the Garratts (a 4-8-2+2-8-4) survives in Freetown,
and is fortunately being preserved. I understand a Sentinal is still
operational in Colombo but there is no longer any track for it to run on!

As for the Nepalese locos, this seems to be an off again, on again
thing depending on politics in Nepal. If PBPS is genuinely interested,
they might keep their ears open on that one.

Your points about train length are well made.


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