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A C Lynn Zelmer

Thanks for the details, Stefan.

As for the weather, we moved here (Australia) so my wife could escape Canadian winters. Thankfully, and totally by luck, we moved to an area which has avoided most of the worst effects of Queensland's recent cyclones and floods. Mind you, we had ten years of drought but at least Rockhampton has a pretty well guaranteed water supply (and 2' gauge cane railways only a few hours driving time north and south).

Best wishes, Lynn

On 7/02/12 6:13 PM, stefan_matthaeus@... wrote:

can we swap over? I can offer you -15°C here in Germany...

By the way, the most important supplier for tracks, also portable
tracks, portable turnouts (Kletterweichen) in Java, Indonesia, during
the dutch colonial times was Orenstein&Koppel (O&K), followed by
Ducroo&Brauns and Werkspoor. Also Decauville was a part of the business.
Their name can be found often in old dutch javanese maps beside the
permanent plantation railway tracks.


Am 07.02.2012 05:49, schrieb A C Lynn Zelmer:

No, simply a low energy day with 36 degree C temperatures and too long
in front of the computer.
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