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Hello all,

My train was hauled by DH31 but I had a chance to inspect G42 in
action. A fantastic achievement; amazing to watch. I have a question.
The Garratt was introduced to increase train sizes; Is this how it's
used on Puffing Billy?? Or are the train sizes the same as the NA's??

I remember when the Garratt was being proposed for restoration (25+
years ago) there was an article in Narrow Gauge discussing how it
might affect trains. At the time one morning train had a much higher
patronage than other trains out of Belgrave, and it was suggested that
the Garratt could haul that train. It sounds as if that problem might
have been overcome with the double header already mentioned. At the
time the Lakeside extention was brand new, and I don't think Gembrook
was anything more than a fantacy.

The problem with scheduling a train to meet the Garratt's capacity is
what do you do if it is not available. The article proposed purchacing
one of the South African garratts, which has subsequently occured. Of
course it will be some years before this loco is available. In the
meantime the already extensive timetable PB runs must place some
stress on the loco fleet, with only 5 nA's, which is possibly the
reason your train was hauled by a DH.

Ironically there have been a couple of opportunities over the years
for PB to obtain 2'6" gauge Garratts. There were Garratts available
when the Sierra Leone Government Railways closed, and more recently
there were two Garratts available in Nepal. They were up for sale two
years ago, but are now part of a proposed tourist railway there.



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