Ruston 304455

Chris Stratton

I was just reading about Ruston 304455 in the Dec LR and it says it has been
restored by David Capp after being purchased from ILR as a kit of parts. ILR
still have 304455 on their website as their "Brown Ruston" which I last
photographed in Nov 2007 and it was in operation and definitely not a kit of
parts. The same day I photographed another Ruston at Albion Park which was
missing the cab, most of the hood and the engine looked incomplete. Has
there been a mixup with the Rustons somewhere?

The article also says that 304455 was X13 on the Eastern Suburbs Railway
construction in Sydney, does anyone have a list of which Rustons were which
NSWGR locos as I haven't seen one before?



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