Re: EMB locos scrapped at Ontrak

Daniel Osborne

According to Cane Train by P. Dyer and P. Hodge and Built by Baldwin by Craig Wilson.
P. Dyer and P. Hodge show 7240 as .2 and C. Wilson as .1 According to C. Wilson only one loco was built to this Job number and was built for stock and took the best part of 2 years to complete.
It should be noted that number 11 is in its third iteration and 12 in its 2nd. (P. Dyer and P. Hodge)
It was at Labasa after Rarawai (P. Dyer and P. Hodge)

Regards Daniel

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I've just read in LR that the two EMB locos from Fiji have been scrapped at
Ontrak in Sydney. I have 7240.1 5.78 as Rarawai 11 and 8290.1 4.79 as
Rarawai 12. I also have 7240.1 5.78 as Labasa 3, is this correct and, if so,
was it at Labasa after Rarawai?



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