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Chris Stratton

Thanks for the replies.

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According to the ABN (Australian Business Number) website CSR Sugar
(Herbert) Pty Ltd changed their entity name to Sucrogen (Herbert) Pty Ltd on
12 November 2010, retaining the same ABN first registered on 7 December
2001. They also changed their main business location from p/code 4808
(Brandon and Colevale near Townsville) to p/code 2060 (North Sydney) on 22
October 2010. So the official change of name occurred on 12 November 2010
but whether the branding of the mills changed on that date also is a matter
of conjecture.

Cheers John


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The October-November issue of Australian Sugarcane magazine (2010
Annual) lists Sucragen with its Townsville head office. I've disposed of
earlier issues so cannot tell when exactly the change occurred...
however The Australian of 7 July 2010 was still indicating the CSR name
would remain

Best wishes, Lynn

Not sure of the exact date, but it would have been about the last
quarter of 2010 that the name change happened.

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LR216 December 2010 is the first reference I can find to Sucrogen in
the Industrial Railway News section, prior to that, for example,
(Herbert) was called CSR Sugar (Herbert). I can't find any mention of
the date this change actually happened at each of the mills now listed
under Sucrogen. Does anyone have the dates the name change occurred?




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