More Slipways


To conclude my Williamstown holiday, I noted slips at the former Public
Works depot (now Parks Victoria) where there is a very interesting slip
using wooden wedges in a wooden rack to hold it in place off Ann Street. I
have quite and extensive photo record of this slip. There seem, from Google
Earth, to be two more to the west of this slip in various Yacht Clubs.

There is a slip at T.S. Voyager which ends at a very interesting
transverser. The seems to be two slips at Blunt Boatbuilders next door as

There are a number of small slips located at various fishing clubs such as
ones at Maddox Road (where Kooriot Creek enters the Bay) and at the end of
Bayview Street (one of John Percival's favourite subjects).

I hope this information is useful to Phil and Jim.


Dr Iain Stuart

JCIS Consultants

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