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Alf Aiken

Hi Trevor

Thank you for posting those photos of the Cumberoona. My son lives in Albury & I often wonder where she had got to.


I visited Pyshe bend pumping station on 2 October. I noticed the narrow tracks in the boiler house & thought that they were for the timber trollies. I have to agree with you that it is a very interesting site to visit & the volunteers go out of their way to explain how it all works.


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Hi Trevor,

They are of general interest! Thanks for following up the query.

As an aside, last week we drove from the Redcliff boardwalk to Psyche Bend pumping station, Mildura. The narrow tracks are still there for the trolleys that ferried the timber for the boilers. It is an interesting site, with interpretive signs.


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Hi Rod,
On Sunday I took a tinny cruise down the Murray from Noreuil Park then up
Wodonga Creek to the Cumberoona's slipway.  It is an earth slipway with two
steel rails.  Two "bogies" hold the Cumberoona in place, chocked by sleepers
and timber wedges.  A sturdy bow rope stops her rolling back into the creek.
A number of trees have fallen into Wodonga Creek since the Cumberoona was
staged up there, and will need some clearing to allow her to reach the
Murray again.  I'll email photos off-line - or to the list here if they are
of general interest?


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