Re: Maritime Slipways

Steamfreak <steamfreak@...>

Hi Rod,
That was greater devotion to the cause than I had expected, but it is
:-) I happened to have a spare afternoon and it was lovely weather! Well,
apart from the thunderstorm as we were pulling the boat out...

I don't think that I could launch or retrieve at Noreuil Park: the ramp
is too short, with a drop. Spirit II launches and retrieves there, but
it is metal hull, and can power up, and the semitrailer has a powerful
Yes we saw Spirit II moored there on Sunday. Would be interesting to get a
semi onto that boat ramp!

Related to the main theme: the Cumberoona slip was a specially-
constructed facility.
What was the source of the rail?
More importantly: What was the source of the bogies?
The "bogies" are better described as steel beams welded together with wheels
attached - see photos for more details. From the markings on them, I gather
they were fabricated locally as the steel had "Don Sparks Steel Supplies"
marked on it. No idea on the rail. In hindsight I should have inspected it
for castings or other marks.

The photos are in an album called "Cumberoona Slipway Albury Wodonga" in the
group photo area.

Related: Speewa punt is self slipping, on rails on one approach ramp.
I can't recall seeing that feature at Wymah, but perhaps it exists. If
so, which bank?
Yes, it has rails on the Victorian bank. I added a 2004 photo of that to
the same album, even though it is not strictly related...


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