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Yes your request to the LRRSA Yahoo Group has produced lots of fascinating
responses. There is an item in the Research section of the December issue of
Light Railways requesting information from readers that may help to draw
additional information on this subject.

Bob McKillop
LR Heritage & research Editor

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this discussion, especially
Rod, Denis and Iain.

Good to get so many leads on Riverine slips - we might have to call it
"Maritime and Riverine Slipways" (thanks to Bill Russell for introducing
this theme.)

David asked "Are the researchers collecting material on all slips still in
existence or restricting the research to a size and length? - David Axup"

We do need to restrict it somewhat otherwise we'd end up with literally
hundreds - though they are disappearing, with the larger establishments
installing rubber-tyred gantries [that somehow, in my view, fail to "cut the

So, any slipway railway that had any of these features (Lengthy, Historic,
Complex, Multiplicity, Quirkiness) are the sort of features in which we are
particularly interested.

cheers Jim Longworth and Phil Rickard

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