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Bob Mcleod

My impression of this picture is that the loco is motiving...That looks terribly much like the rear end of a colonial boiler behind it, which could be the steam source for rock drills, winches etc, and I thought that the timber at the front of the loco has been bolted under the headstock, to prevent toppling during the frequent derailments that are part of this sort of work? Very comforting to know they are there , as you run off the end of a set of stub points, I assure you!

      I wonder how it comes about that a Welsh dealer is printing photos from NZ?  A Mining connection maybe?

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Thanks to Mike, Bob and Bill for that illumination.

The photo is certainly taken in a large excavation which I first imagined to be a transport cutting but could well be a goldfield.

I suspect that in the photo the loco is being used as a rail-mounted stationary boiler for other equipment. The headstock is on blocks. It's clearly in steam but none coming from the chimney, indeed there's a pipe up from the chimney (wonder how it draws the fire?). I can't see the layshaft and connecting rods, but maybe that's just because of the steam and the camera angle.

David 1/2d

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