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Bob Mcleod

That is interesting.
           A couple of months ago I found a photo of some very old traction engines,  for sale by the same ebay seller, edmin, in Wales. The interesting thing was that the buildings in the background looked very Australian, so I bought a copy, to have a good look. After a lot of enquiries and sleuthing, I found that the picture was also taken in New Zealand, near the Waihi mines, Thames  district, North Island.
   This was a helluva big goldfield, batteries of 200 head stampers...some interesting info on <digitalnz>.  I wonder if the loco was in the same area?

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Hi David,

Most likely a Gibbons & Harris in NZ.


Mike Bickford
Murrumburrah Tramway
Harden NSW

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This locomotive is puzzling - maybe it's not even working as a locomotive.

Could there be an Australian connection at all please?

It's from a postcard on sale (eBay) in Wales.


David 1/2d

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