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Michael J

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I would be very interested to learn where the farm that your family
owned exactly was.

It was on Bateson Rd, at the southern intersection with Glen Forbes - Dayleston Rd. The tramway was in the creek valley, following the course of Archies Creek. I understand a sawmill was located at the junction of the two arms of Archies Creek. Now just to add to the confusion, I believe we are talking about the West arm of Archies Creek. The gentleman who currently owns the section of the property with the house on it is into Landcare in a big way, and has done a lot of planting. He does know about the tramway, though, and could point it out.

The map was in the State Library map section. Actually I looked at two maps, one dated 1880 with no tramway, and the second dated 1890 with the tramway marked as an "old tramway".



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