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I have checked out your files of LR 22 and 23. It seems that LR at the time
was guilty of the crime of converting 1920s pounds to dollars on a 2 for 1
basis - hopefully we have recanted from such sins.


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On 17/09/2011 8:08 AM, Peterson, John J wrote:
In the very early years of LRRSA it produced a facsimilie of the leaflet
produced at the time by The Melbourne Trust Ltd. called 'The roadrail System
of Traction'. As well as photos from Wembley there were photos of a line
laid down at spotswood using a petrol? tractor as motive power. They say
later that their tractors are made by Beadmore. I think this must be well
out of print so if the officials are ok if you send me offline your e-mail
address I'll scan it for you. Interesting idea but as far as I know no lines
were built here using this system?
Hello John,

There would be no problem in you scanning that and sending it to Martin.
It is out of copyright. You could upload it to the files section of the
LRRSA Yahoo Group if you wished.

There was a little about the RoadRails system in Light Railways Nos 22
and 23, published only 43 years ago. I have extracted the relevant pages
and put them into a pdf in "Frank's Folder" in the LRRSA Yahoo Group.




John P

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My colleagues at the North Gloucestershire Railway have recently acquired
a 2' gauge coach body which originated from the Roadrail line at the British
Empire Exhibition at Wembley (see ) for a picture and
further details see April 2011.

In researching the history of Roadrail's and their various lines around
the world I searched the Australian newspaper archive and found various
references some of which had been tagged by the LRRSA. One article refered
to a demonstration in Melbourne. In checking the files at the National
Archives at Kew relating to Roadrail Ltd, this line is mentioned together
with a tractor being there. Whilst I have many copies of LRRSA Light Railway
my collection is not complete, thus my question is has anyone researched
this line and could provide me some further information?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


Martin O'Keeffe

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