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Chas Bevan <bevac@...>

Hello all,

A bit embarassed to admit that yesterday I rode on Puffing Billy for
the first time. It was a fantastic ride from Belgrave to Emerald lake.
I was particulary impressed by the frendliness of the volunteers with
everyone but especiallly little kids. A few budding train enthusiasts
I think. Anyway anyone out there who are involved with Puffing Billy
please pass on what a great experience it was.

My train was hauled by DH31 but I had a chance to inspect G42 in
action. A fantastic achievement; amazing to watch. I have a question.
The Garratt was introduced to increase train sizes; Is this how it's
used on Puffing Billy?? Or are the train sizes the same as the NA's??

John, Speaking unofficially, I would suggest that the main (or basic
reason we rebuilt the Garratt was "because it was there". Economic
factors and future use were considered, of course, but we wanted it
built. It can pull long trains but does not often do so.It usually
does the mid-day lunch train to Lakeside and return with the train
being approximately the same size as the normal trains . The longest
regular train is the 10.30 on one of the timetables and is double
headed Nas. It is really two trains that divide at Lakeside, one
portion returning to Belgrave, the other continuing to Gembrook.
Chas B


Chas Bevan. Kallista Victoria

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