Re: Facebook

John Dennis


I assume you mean "has" the loco been modified? The answer to that question
is not yet. It's still sitting on a length of 3'6" track.


On 16 May 2011 10:33, neville conder <nconder@...> wrote:

With regards to Facebook I am not against it but i don't have an account
but my wife does and it appears that people young and not so young use it as
a personal diary with every little thing that has happened in their life.
But we are finding it very useful at the moment as my son wanders around
Europe. Trouble is we usual find out after the event that he has been
somewhere near significant light railway operations. Like in Ireland he said
he passed a peat bog where they were working but didn't notice any trains.
In the photos at Walhalla is the red Queensland loco been modified to work
on the railway.

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