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Bob Mcleod

I have a lawnmower with an inclined engine...inclined not to start.....
    I think you will find that with 'main line' (a relative term) engines..that is, standard gauge , and express engines, the inclination of cylinders was a last resort, usually done to provide clearance for the movement of a front bogie, or, in the case of inside cylinders, to allow the motion to clear the leading axle, when driving onto a following axle.
   And main lines did not usually have odd lumps of rock, piles of cane, tree trunks and long grass laying along the track....
   A whole different set of engineering requirements to our little canefield puffers.

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And most main line diesels have inclined cylinders as well.



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That is very true.

Beyer, Peacock built many varieties of locomotives with inclined cylinders, including mainline express 4-4-0 locos.


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Vast numbers of mainline locomotives all over the world have had
inclined cylinders.
David 1/2d
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maybe the need for cylinders to be out of the way changed when their
became more 'main' line focused.

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