Re: Sat.7.5 anniversary dinner

John Dennis

I love the un-fish-eyed fish-eye photos Frank.

I have uploaded four of mine. One at the conference, a couple showing
conference participants watching a departure from Belgrave, and the last
showing a bunch of Light Railways people trying to look disinterested as the
WGR 10 class rolls past. Does it count (almost) as an honorary steam loco,
now it has side rods?


On 9 May 2011 21:09, Frank Stamford <frank.stamford@...> wrote:

Thanks Rod for placing those two pictures in the "LRRSA Fiftieth
Anniversary Album". Glad to hear you liked the Saturday night dinner.

For those who went to the Conference (26 people), the Dinner (76
people), and the Walhalla trip (33 people) it was a very full-on
weekend, with a late Saturday night and an early start on Sunday.

I have added two photographs to the "LRRSA Fiftieth Anniversary Album",
both taken with a Pentax K20D camera fitted with a 10-17mm zoom fisheye
lens set at 10mm. Both photographs have had extensive post-processing in
Adobe PhotoShop to defish them, to try to reduce the wide-angle

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