Re: Early timber tramway construction methods questions

Michael J

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As part of a broader archaeological/cultural heritage assessment of
an area at Apollo Bay in Victoria, I am investigating a possible
timber tramway alignment.

Others will have far more technical experience than me. I can only
talk about a timber tramway that was located on a farm we used to own
in the Bass Hills, behind Glen Forbes in West Gippsland.

Like your example it was marked on an 1890 map as an "old tramway",
and was found on land that had been consistantly grazed over the last
100 years. There was no physical evidence of the tramway, besides the
cuttings and sections of roadbed workings. However once you knew what
you were looking for it was still quite easy to follow the route of
the tramway. It followed the course of the creek closely, and would
have had some quite tight curves. The cuttings, some of which were up
to 6' high, were about 6' wide. Thinking about it the use of the land
probably helped preserve the cuttings - the land was too rugged for
the farmer to get in there and plow everything up for crops, and
grazing stopped forest regrowth.

So good luck with your search, it is quite possible cuttings are still


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