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Not much left on Guadacanal I’m afraid. The Americans had an extensive
railway network on the Plains during the War and there are photos about of
small diesel locos operating there. When I was there on an assignment in
1977, the Guadacanal Plains rice project was winding down and they were
putting in roads for the oil palm project. We came across a grader that had
just dug up a section of rail.

I understand that Level Brothers had tramway systems on their plantations in
the Russell Islands, but doubt if there is anything left and its hard to get
there, as is Vanikoro where there were extensive logging tramways that used
a Shay loco from Millars in WA. There is of course the funicular railway at
the King Solomon Hotel which you can operate yourself to go up to the rooms
and there might possibly be someone at the National Museum (near the Mendana
Hotel) who has some knowledge of former tramways on plantations etc.

Bob McKillop

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Hi all,

I am in Honiara in the Solomon Islands over two weekends. Can anyone point
me in the direction of any NG railways on Guadalcanal Island?

Rod Hutchinson

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