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John Shoebridge

Hi Group
I have been off line for a day or so and maybe someone has answered the question re the history of loco "Coffee Pot" but here goes again...

Built in 1887 by Hudson Bros at Redfern as the power unit of a combination tramcar. Seated 60 passengers and weighes 8 tons. It worked for Saywell's Estate and Tramway Coy between Rockdale and Brighton le Sands until the line was electrified in 1899. The engine unit was then sold via Goninan to the Toronto Hotel and Tramway Coy for the line between Fassifern and Toronto. The fate of the passenger section is not recorded. At that time its unusual high pressure multi tubular boiler was replaced with a conventional single flue vertical and the engine converted from a quadruple expansion to twin cylinder simple.

When the Toronto Tramway was taken over by the Government around 1910 , "Coffee Pot" went back to Goninan and was soon sold to Thomas Howley to work the railway between Glenrock Colliery and The Junction. Laid aside around 1920 outside Howley's engine shed (where I can clearly remember it) the remains were cut up sometime around 1949.

I am researching the Glenrock line and would be most interested if anyone has anything else to add to the above.

Re: Sydney Soap and Candle Coy.. Tighes Hill, Newcastle ... this works had a short branch off the Waratah Coal Coy (later Caledonian Collieries Ltd) line near Scholey Street. For many years (perhaps even to this day) the remains of this siding could be seen in side of the cutting on the way to Morandoo.


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> Hi Jeff/all,
> While I can't answer this question I would
> like to extend it to ask what has become of the
> proposed replica that was to be built at Toronto.
> Is this project dead in the water like so many
> others?
> Thanks
> Brad

Brad et al,

Things don't look good according to the Toronto Coffee Pot Tramway &
Museum Society Inc. web site.

Latest update states: "At the July 2006 meeting of Directors of the
TCPT&MS, it was decided that owing to the lack of support by various
Government authorities, that the Society be wound up. To that end, the
process of the disposal of assets has been initiated according to the
Society's constitution."

Looks like insurmountable problems due to some authority's requirement
regarding clearance from an adjacent cycle path.

There is a chronology of events and a contact address for anyone
interested. The society's web site is very interesting and given the
above statement, may be on borrowed time . . . (i.e. view it while you

cheers Phil

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