Fyansford Cement Works Bucyrus steam shovel


In the 1960s, beside the line to the old quarry, there was stored out of use a large rail mounted Bucyrus steam shovel. It was carried on two diamond frame bogies and the chilled cast iron wheels (manufactured by tthe Griffith Wheel Co., Chicago) were variously dated 1900 and 1902. At the time, I assumed that this had come from the Wallaroo & Moonta Mines, in South Australia, along with the Hudswell Clarke 0-4-2STs, nos. 5 to 9, in 1924. However, now I have a photo of the steam shovel used at Moonta, I can see that it was not the same machine. I have since read somewhere, that the Fyansford shovel came from the Mt Morgan Mines in Queensland and was standard gauge. I failed to measure the gauge of the shovel at Fyansford and would be grateful if any member can advise if it was standard gauge and, more importantly, supply details of its history.

Richard Horne

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