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I have added 10 scanned images of the Frankston crash into the "Keith P" photo folder.


Keith P
CFA Photographer

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This is a bit of topic, but someone out there may be able to help me.

On June the 10th of June 1975 an Up goods train hauled by B69 got out of control descending the Langwarrin bank into Frankston (Victoria). As a consequence it ran into a the Hitachi suburban train sitting in the platform. Luckily station staff heard the driver whistling that he was in trouble and the few passengers on the train got out in time. The resulting damage was spectacular in that the rear carriage of the Hitachi train, 27M, bent upwards just behind the first doors, pushing it up into the overhead wires.

Since this accident, written procedures have been in place that forbid a train to be signalled into Frankston unless it has a clear path all the way through the station.

I am looking for a copy of any of the photographs taken at the time that appeared in newspapers and magazines. I would be very grateful if someone could scan and email it to me as soon as you can. With alterations soon to be made at Frankston, a copy of a photo of this accident would be useful.


Bill Hanks.

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