Fowler indirect jackshaft drive locomotives

Michael J

I'm sure that everyone is aware of 2' gauge Fowler indirect jackshaft
drive locomotive in the sugar museum near Innisfail, formally in a
Melbourne scrap yard. I was under the impression that that was the
only one in Australia.

Then I was browsing "Tall Timbers and Tramways" and there was a
picture of a 3'6" gauge version that was found on a couple of
Victorian timber tramways. And then that evening reading an article by
John Dennis in the latest issue of Narrow Gauge Downunder, there were
a whole swag of 2'6" gauge versions on the Cobar mine firewood tramways.

Now of course I've got a few questions, can anybody answer?

Were these half dozen the only ones in Australia? Were they all 2-4-0T
wheel arrangement? Were they all basicly the same design, even the
same size, just different gauges, or were they all unique designs?

They are sure interesting looking locos.


Michael Johnson

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