Re: Tullah - Update - Topo plan


Go to the new files in the LRRSA group, Bob's Collection and download it there.


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I could not get the link to work - any suggestions for a not fully
computer literate senior?

I visited the area last April and rode Wee Georgie Wood - great
experience - how I wish I had rode it when it ran to Farrell Siding!

Stayed at the Tullah Tavern - good accomodation and meal

What an interesting area - both railway wise and scenery

Terry Boardman

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I have posted at\;
oseberry-Farrell-Tullah.pdf an extract of the 1:100 000 topo showing the
area of interest.

Interesting plan, a mixture of metric & Imperial. The contour
intervals are at 40m and the elevations are in metres. The sheet number
is 8014.


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