Re: Tullah - Update - Topo plan

Bob Thornton

G'day again,

OK, original file has been deleted and replaced with another which now includes scale data, sorry, seniors moment.....

Just in case it's not obvious: red lines are roads with the fat lines the better choice; crossed black lines are rail, the dashed ones with the dot every fifth are power transmission lines[usually also straight], dashed ones not that obvious - could be rail in tunnel but the portals are usually shown, timber track maybe ?; blue stuff is water with the dotted area to the east of Tullah being swamp; brown is earthen features and contour lines. Think that's all....


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I have posted at an extract of the 1:100 000 topo showing the area of interest.

Interesting plan, a mixture of metric & Imperial. The contour intervals are at 40m and the elevations are in metres. The sheet number is 8014.


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