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I sent an email to Greg Blake asking about general information on Buildings and maybe a map of the railroad track in the mine area.  Here is his reply:
"Hi Bill,

To My knowledge there are no drawings, however there maybe some old aerial photographs in the archives in Hobart that may be useful, but it may be some time before I can get there. There are a number of old photos about that may be able to help you out as well. Leave it with me and I'll get back to you. Email me again if you haven't heard from me in a while to prompt me if I get lazy and it doesn't get done.


Greg Blake"
Given a bit of time Greg might be able to dig up something.  
In the mean time a lot of you all are providing pieces of the puzzle. A big 'Thanks" goes out to Eddie for the map he posted.
Bill in Texas

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Bill and Bob

I spent some time in the State Archives and the State Library when we were living down in Tasmania ... they were the sort of places where my wife had to come and get me otherwise I'd probably still be there :)

From memory the State Library had a map room so that might be the place to look for maps too.


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G'day Bill,
should have thought of that one ! This was a mining area and as such there would have be quite detailed maps issued from time to time by the Tassie State Mining Dept [or whatever they were called at the time]. These will likely be at a better scale than the old survey maps produced by the Defence Dept.
A request to both the State Library of Tasmania and the State Archives should be helpful but you may need a local contact in Hobart to help out.....
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..........Is their such a thing as an old Topo Map of that area? �Here in the US most of our old Topo Maps have the railroads on them. �Maybe the rail lines would show up on an old map of the area?
Bill in Texas._,___

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