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Hi Dennis,
Thank you for the copy of your article from Narrow Gauge Down Under (NGDU).  I subscribe to that magazine and have 33 issues of it.  My subscription expired with issue 38 and when I renewed they were suppose to start it with issue #39.  When I got the next issue I had a second copy of issue #38 and the current issue #40.  I am guessing this article of yours was in issue 39.  I have to email them and have them send me a copy of issue 39.
As soon as I read that you wrote the article for NGDU and pulled all my copies off the shelf. For those who don't get NGDU, Dennis is a feature writer for the magazine.  He writes an interesting article each issue called "Off The Beaten Path, Lesser know but interesting narrow gauge railways".  I also have to say at this point that NGDU is getting more popular here in the USA with each issue.
So I looked through each of my 33 or so back issues.  In issue 15 their are a couple pictures of a Turnout from the Railway at Tullah.  Then in issue 16, I found three pictures taken by Eric Marsh back in 1964.  I have to do a search for Eric, maybe someone here knows him.
A few minutes ago I got a return email from Weston Langford.  He doesn't have any information on a track plan but he said he is passing my request to a few friends who might have what I am looking for.  
Bill in Texas

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Hi Bill,

Issue #33 of LR contains a single paragraph about the Tullah Tramway, an

announcement that they were hoping to restore Wee Georgie Wood. There are a

few other references to the Tullah Tram in Light Railways, most recently in

issue 215 (October 2010) where there is a delightful article. No track plans

though - I don't believe I have ever seen any track plans.

I don't know what you already have about the tramway, but I wrote a small

column in Narrow Gauge Downunder recently, which has been made available

from a tasmanian website:

I think I have some photos in my collection showing the mine area. I will

dig around and see what I can find which might help you.


On 18 January 2011 12:55, Bill Fornshell <> wrote:

I am Bill a new member. I live in San Antonio, Texas - USA.
I am looking for information about the Tullah Mining Area in Tasmania.
First, I would like to thank those who replied to my request to Lynn. I
discovered this yahoo group from a CC reference on one of the emails to me.
I found the group, requested membership and was approved. After I was
approved I looked over the group site and did a message search for Tullah.
I found three messages. One message (#818) had a reference to issue #33 of
"Light Rails" now available as a PDF file. I looked up LRRSA and found the
issue #33 for sale. I was /will buy it but I am not sure how to pay the
$2.00 or so for the download. I sent them an email asking for about that.
This brings me to a question. Does anyone have issue #33 of Light Rail
that they could look at and let me know what is in the article. I am hoping
for some type of track plan for the area around the Mine and maybe a few
pictures of the Mine Buildings.
It was also suggested I email Weston of "" and see if he
made a track plan when he took the pictures of the Tullah Mine Area that I
found on his web site. I sent him an email early this afternoon - Texas
Bill in Texas

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