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Hi Frank,
Thank you for looking and letting me know. I do appreciate that.
I will wait a bit and see if Weston Langford has anything in the way of a track plan.  If that doesn't work out I will take the pictures I have and come up with something.
Bill in Texas

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Hello Bill,

I have just checked LR33. The only reference to Tullah that is in it is

this news item:

Tullah Tramway (2-ft. gauge)

The Electrolytic Zinc Company has decided that the 0-4-0WT Fowler

locomotive, "Wee Georgie Wood" will be restored and put on display at

Tullah. The engine's working life was ended in 1962 by the completion of

the Murchison Highway, connecting Queenstown and Burnie. For a few more

years it hauled ore trucks half a mile from the Mount Farrell mines to

the flotation plant at Tullah. Since the EZ takeover of the Mount

Farrell Mining Company in 1964 the locomotive has worked only once, to

give joy rides to company officials and their families over the

remaining half mile of track.

Although the EZ Co. has made a firm decision to preserve the locomotive,

the exact method of display has not yet been decided.

(Saturday Evening Mercury, 26th. Sept. 1970)

Unfortunately there are no photographs, track layouts, or other




On 18/01/2011 12:55 PM, Bill Fornshell wrote:

I am Bill a new member. I live in San Antonio, Texas - USA.
I am looking for information about the Tullah Mining Area in Tasmania.
First, I would like to thank those who replied to my request to Lynn.
I discovered this yahoo group from a CC reference on one of the
emails to me. I found the group, requested membership and was
approved. After I was approved I looked over the group site and did a
message search for Tullah. I found three messages. One message
(#818) had a reference to issue #33 of "Light Rails" now available as
a PDF file. I looked up LRRSA and found the issue #33 for sale. I
was /will buy it but I am not sure how to pay the $2.00 or so for the
download. I sent them an email asking for about that.
This brings me to a question. Does anyone have issue #33 of Light
Rail that they could look at and let me know what is in the article.
I am hoping for some type of track plan for the area around the Mine
and maybe a few pictures of the Mine Buildings.
It was also suggested I email Weston of "" and see
if he made a track plan when he took the pictures of the Tullah Mine
Area that I found on his web site. I sent him an email early this
afternoon - Texas Time.
Bill in Texas

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