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Hi Bill,

Issue #33 of LR contains a single paragraph about the Tullah Tramway, an
announcement that they were hoping to restore Wee Georgie Wood. There are a
few other references to the Tullah Tram in Light Railways, most recently in
issue 215 (October 2010) where there is a delightful article. No track plans
though - I don't believe I have ever seen any track plans.

I don't know what you already have about the tramway, but I wrote a small
column in Narrow Gauge Downunder recently, which has been made available
from a tasmanian website:

I think I have some photos in my collection showing the mine area. I will
dig around and see what I can find which might help you.


On 18 January 2011 12:55, Bill Fornshell <> wrote:

I am Bill a new member. I live in San Antonio, Texas - USA.
I am looking for information about the Tullah Mining Area in Tasmania.
First, I would like to thank those who replied to my request to Lynn. I
discovered this yahoo group from a CC reference on one of the emails to me.
I found the group, requested membership and was approved. After I was
approved I looked over the group site and did a message search for Tullah.
I found three messages. One message (#818) had a reference to issue #33 of
"Light Rails" now available as a PDF file. I looked up LRRSA and found the
issue #33 for sale. I was /will buy it but I am not sure how to pay the
$2.00 or so for the download. I sent them an email asking for about that.
This brings me to a question. Does anyone have issue #33 of Light Rail
that they could look at and let me know what is in the article. I am hoping
for some type of track plan for the area around the Mine and maybe a few
pictures of the Mine Buildings.
It was also suggested I email Weston of "" and see if he
made a track plan when he took the pictures of the Tullah Mine Area that I
found on his web site. I sent him an email early this afternoon - Texas
Bill in Texas

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Try sending Weston an email asking if he sketched the track arrangements.He
sketched many Victorian stations and they have been published. Bill Hanks.
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I'm not sure if you've seen these yet, but some really interesting photos
help you can be found if you go to and
search for Tullah.

There seem to be some wonderful modelling possibilities shown.

I'm afraid I don't have a track plan but maybe someone else on here may
or may know where to find one.



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