UK: Rhyl Miniature Railway Centenary

Bill Bolton

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Subject: Re: [TrainColSoc]Bassett-Lowke "Father of Model and Miniature
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 18:40:55 +0000

This weekend an important event took place with the first steaming
for many years at the Rhyl Miniature Railway of the Barnes of Rhyl
built 4-4-2 "Michael." This newly reboilered loco along with its five
sisters was designed by Henry Greenly chief engineer to Bassett-
Lowke. It was the final development of B-L/Greenly's long line of
"Atlantics" which started with the "Little Giant" series.

This year Saturday-Monday May 28th-30th there is to be a Grand Gala at
the Rhyl Miniature Railway to celebrate the line's centenary.
Bassett-Lowke was the builder of this railway now the oldest 15" gauge
public railway in the UK. Greenly was the engineer.

In the care of the RMR trustees are three of the 1920s "Atlantic"
locos, two "Joan" and Michael" built by Barnes for the line and,
the third "Railway Queen" built initially for another customer. On
permanent loan to the railway, but not in running condition, is
"Billy" one of the locos built for the RMR but now owned by the
local authority. It is hoped that at the Gala the other two Barnes
locos (the firm only built six) "John" and "Billie" now in private
hands will join them. "John" once ran at Rhyl. "Billie" was built by
Barnes for another client.

" Michael" will share the services with "Joan," who has borne the
brunt of the traffic in recent years, on the RMR trains at Easter
when the railway opens for the 2011 season.. The RMR Museum,
housed at the railway's Central Station by the Marine Lake,
recently achieved accredited museum status. Here one can see
"Billy" plus a collection of early Bassett-Lowke models and much
else. "Railway Queen" quietly awaits restoration. WJ Bassett-
Lowke and Henry Greenly would be proud to see that their
handiwork has survived for 100 years.

Alan Cliff


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