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G’day Richard,

Thanks for that clarification. It looks a bit different to the actual patent which I think only had two cylinders. I note that the particular locomotive in the photo does not have full length frames as the front bogie is hung off the smokebox, which would have placed the pulling forces on the boiler itself.



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Ephraim Shay's three locos on the Hemlock Central RR were all different and dstinctively so...and this one is definitely No.1.



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A friend in the USA tells me that this was Ephraim Shay's second locomotive.

Bill Hanks

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Tom D wrote:

What a fascinating site. Here is another interesting photo.
This is one of the locos that Ephraim Shay built himself, rather than

those built by Lima to Shay's patent.

Brian Rumary, England

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