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This 9 ton  loco was #1 'Baby' of the Hemlock Central RR,  Ephraim Shay's own 2' 6" gauge line at Harbor Springs,  Michigan, serving his private water works and logging operations.  #1 was built after 1894, the earliest photo of it being in 1897, at which time it had a domeless boiler.  Shay and his son, Lette, ran tourist trains on the line in the summer at 25c a head, as in this photo.  They built two further Shay locomotives for the line.  Shay sold his waterworks to the local village in 1913 and died in 1916.

For more information on this and further views of  'Baby' and her two sister locos, see pages 66 to 73 of Michael Koch's 'The Shay Locomotive Titan Of The Timber' (488 pages, limited edition, World Press, Inc., USA, 1971).

Richard Horne

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A "coffee pot" Shay?!?!

Who'd a-thunkit....

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What a fascinating site. Here is another interesting photo.
- Tom.

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