Re: 50 years of LRRSA - Sat.4.10.69 SRWSC Tatura & Waranga

Roderick Smith

This is the next in sequence which I attended.
The factory made reinforced/presstressed concrete components for bridges over channels, and also galvanised water wheels.
The short tramway moved beams from the casting plant to the curing zone.

1: lhs John Withers, John Prideaux, Richard Dempster; rhs ?, ?, ?, ?.
3: lhs: ?, ?, ?, prob Frank Stamford, prob Andrew Hennell; rhs ?.
4: lhs: ?, ?, ?, Richard Dempster, ?; rhs John Withers.
7: possibly Ian Stanley, ?, Richard Dempster.
The captions show SRWC wronly: it was State Rivers and Water Supply Commission.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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