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I believe "Rails Through The Bush" is available from Karen's Books at<>
The UA$ to US$ exchange rate is very favourable at the moment.

Bill Hanks

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Thanks for your input.

Builders numbers 2158 and 3120 were for order numbers 6490 and 6191
respectively, ordered for "McLean Bros. & Rigg (Guy Smith)" and
"McLean Bros. & Rigg, Australia". There are no images for either of
these orders on the site, but there are some nice photos in "Rails
Through the Bush"


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Hello John,

That's a very interesting resource.

The "(Australia)" in the annotation is a mistake. Order No.6245 was, as
you say, for B/Nos 2249 and 2250. Both of these were for the NSB
(Norwegian State Railways), No.2249 being named "Gere" and 2250 "Freke".

Two locomotives of this type (but with cabs and stacks different to that
in the drawing) were supplied to Australia to The Jarrahdale Jarrah
Forests & Railways Ltd. They were B/No.2158 of 1882, and B/No.3120 of
1889, and named "Samson" and "Samson No.2".

The first of this type of locomotive was built for Norway in 1866, and
the type - which was very successful - inspired the 2-6-0 tender locos
widely used in South Austtralia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Cape
Province, and probably other places.


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