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Hello John,

I would suggest that the 'Australia' is an annotation, signifying that these
locos which had been produced since 1868 for Norway, were the basis for the
Australian 2-6-0s.

On page 60 of 'Beyer Peacock, Locomotive Builders to the World', it says :

"For the South Australian narrow gauge lines, a 2-6-0 tender engine was
developed in 1875 from the Norwegian Government Railways 3ft 6in 2-4-0 tank
and a total of seventy-five was from then up to 1886. Many more were built
in Australia itself, and it became a classic type, used on most of the 3ft 6
in gauge lines on that continent."


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From: John Dennis
Date: 01/11/11 11:28:19
Subject: [LRRSA] Beyer Peacock Online


People might know about this, but I have just recently been made aware
that the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) now has
Beyer Peacock drawings and photos online. The search page is here:

and enter "Beyer Peacock" in the drop down list of collection names.

Here's an interesting one for Frank:

A 2-4-0 with the description "Norwegian Government Railway

Going to I
found that order number 6245 was for two locomotives of 3'6" gauge,
given builders numbers 2249-50.

Is the "(Australia)" annotation an error, or did Australia have a pair
of these 2-4-0Ts?

John Dennis
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