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The Cudgewa line handled a lot of live stock traffic that went direct to Melbourne. At one stage the VR investigated the use of broad gauge Garratt locomotives that would be capable of operating between Melbourne and Cudgewa, to haul out heavy live stock trains. Because the length of the trains that broad gauge Garratts could have hauled, most of the crossing loops between Wodonga and Melbourne would have needed to be lengthened, consequently the proposal lapsed.
Imagine if this line had been built to 2'6" gauge and extended into the Alps, we may have had several narrow gauge Garratts instead of just two.

Bill Hanks

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To bring this topic within the pervue of the LRRSA, the report into narrow gauge railways that resulted in the building of the four 2'6" gauge lines we are familiar with, proposed Tallangatta - Corryong as a possible route for a narrow gauge line, before the broad gauge line was build. That really would have been shades of Colorado with narrow gauge stock specials rumbling over those trestles and around those hills. It was also proposed to build a narrow gauge line south from Tallangatta into the Alps.


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