Re: Fraser Island.

Frank Stamford

Hello Dick,

This was probably an ex-QGR 4D10 class 2-4-4T loco originally built in 1867 as an A10 class 2-4-0 loco. From certain angles (three-quarter rear) this loco looked "boxy".

It worked on an eight mile timber tramway owned by Hyne and Wilson Hart, and worked on Fraser Island from 1906 to 1923.

There were other steam locos and other timber tramways on Fraser Island, but this is probably the one in the photo.

(This information is from the late John Kerr's book "Tall Timber and Tramlines in Queensland" which is to be published early next year.


Frank Stamford

At 08:39 AM 10/11/2006, you wrote:

Just came back from a jaunt to Fraser Island. In the bar at one of the resorts there is a photograph of a steam loco. It is a boxy looking arrangement, looks like a smaller version of the SMR locos.

The caption said words to the effect that this loco was used on a timber tramway on the island.

Any further information would be appreciated.

Dick Holland
Broken Hill

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