Re: Wodonga to Corryong railway history

Roderick Smith

There were efforts to convert part to a tourist line: too much railway to maintain, too much money needed, too remote. Various rollingstock items were stored at Huon, deteriorating steadily. Some have been moved to other projects. Bridge girders were relocated to other projects.
A lot of the former line is now a rail trail, which provides most of the benefits, but at a fraction of the cost.
In September, a local committee commissioned a set of history panels of the line, erected at the site of Cudgewa station.
If you are walking or cycling the line, there are two pubs at Tallangatta, one at Koetong, one at Cudgewa, and then two in Corrying (the major regional centre which the line never reached).

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor would potentially have made a great tourist line...Claus

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