LRRSA accolades



That was me posting on the TICCIH in Oz website. TICCIH is roughly the
industrial heritage equivalent of ICOMOS (we act as ICOMOS's advisor on
industrial heritage matters) so we are focused on trying to preserve
industrial heritage around the world, and particularly in Australia.

I have always thought the LRRSA an excellent example of high quality
archaeological and historical research, an example I can only hope to
emulate in my research. The manual is a really good example of what can be
achieved. Good research is the foundation for preservation, interpretation
and management of industrial sites and landscapes.

Anyone can join in the discussion on TICCIH in OZ and if you feel up to it
join TICCIH international (it's so easy I accidently joined twice!).


Dr Iain Stuart


JCIS Consultants

TICCIH Board member

see the TICCIH in Oz discussion group at

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