VR Walhalla line construction - photo book

Graeme Inglis

I found advertised on Ebay copies of "Steam on the Lens - Walhalla Railway Construction" (Vol 2). It is a magnificent 111 page book of wonderful photos by Wilf Henty, published in 2002 with Jihn Kiely and Russell Savage as authors. I already have a copy of this book, but I thought other LRRSA members might be interested.

It is listed at a price of $34-95 and postage (amount not listed) would be extra. The Ebay item number is: 380276109709 and the auction closes in 6 days 15 hours 15 mins (from 6.30pm 28/12) which I make to be 3rd January. Simply logging on to Ebay and typing in the item number will take you directly to it. Apparently there are 4 copies still available.

I should also make it quite clear that I have no connection whatsoever with the on-line bookshop selling this.

Regards and a Happy New Year 2011 to all.

Graeme Inglis

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