Re: 50 years of LRRSA

Roderick Smith

Frank's proper coverage of the Les incident was appreciated: a half recollection is now converted to true history.
Les was surprisingly agile on that crutch. He hopped out at lineside photostops on mainline tours with the best; now nobody (let alone a movement-impaired person) is allowed to light mid section, even from carriages equipped with ground level stairwells. Only once that I can recall Les was unable to move clear of the main photo line in time.

In photo 17, the man in the hat must have been our Cheetham driver.

* Photo 11: admire the setting and the train; the people are too remote.
* Photo 14: I am not getting anyone. The man in the hat must be the driver. The closest to the camera may be Steve Martin.
* Photo 18: Lionel Rickard, Phil Rickard, Frank Stamford; I can't get the fourth.
* Photo 19: John Prideaux. IIRC he was the treasurer who preceded me.

Clearly, now that council has decided on the format, I am inclining towards making the selection cover the people who made LRRSA: those who have faded from the scene, and those who are still with us, when they were young adventurers discovering a world of light railways.

Not every member looks at this Yahoo group, but please ask as many as possible to start looking, so that there is some chance of identifying everybody in my photos.

Another Jack McLean navigation story. The people being trained at Williamtown (Newcastle, NSW) always cheated, and navigated via the railway lines. One day an aeroplane became hopelessly lost. The signalman at Maitland had the points set for the other route.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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